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About Sagrada Familia Tour

Skip the long lines and enter Barcelona's most iconic monument - Sagrada Familia! With a knowledgeable guide by your side, learn fascinating details about its ongoing construction. On this tour, you'll also be able to visit Gaudi Museum and climb one of the Sagrada Familia towers to admire the city views!


Discover Sagrada Familia Basilica, the tallest and most important building in Barcelona. Did you know that it's been built for more than 140 years, making it the longest ongoing construction project in the world?


Entering Sagrada Familia is like walking into a forest. With its tall columns reaching up to the sky like trees, expect a sight never witnessed before! See complex geometric patterns of the nave that reach up to 70 meters.


Get a better understanding of Gaudi's life by visiting a museum filled with his personal belongings and furniture created in unique style. Also, see his original architectural models that were damaged in 1936 during the Spanish Civil War.


With our knowledgeable guide and skip-the-line ticket, you’ll spend more time admiring stunning architecture rather than waiting at the entrance gate of Sagrada Familia!


Choose a tour option with tower access included to enjoy panoramic views of Barcelona. The elevator takes you straight to the top, making it an easy and memorable part of your visit.

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sagrada familia tour barcelona ()

Had an amazing time on the Sagrada Familia tour!

The tour of the Sagrada Familia was absolutely stunning! We're very thankful for our guide, who explained everything in detail and answered every question we had - and we had many, LOL! I didn’t know that it would soon be 100 years since the construction of the Sagrada Familia began! My friends and I were a bit late, but the guide contacted us and made sure we knew how to catch the group. Try to be there on time, as you don't need that kind of stress on your vacation!


Informative and fun tour!

The booking process was easy without any trouble. The guide was easy to find, and the group size was good enough to get all the information. The security check is a bit strict, so I recommend only carrying things you're supposed to, and definitely consider visiting the Sagrada’s tower top! The best views of the city are there!



Sagrada Familia Tour

Book Sagrada Familia Basilica tour and visit Barcelona's most famous landmark with our expert guide. Learn all the fascinating details and discover why the construction of this still-unfinished masterpiece takes so long.

History and Symbolism of Sagrada Familia

You will learn about the rich history, Christian symbolism, and the contrast between the basilica’s facades. The tour highlights the work of the world-famous Antoni Gaudi, an architect who designed Sagrada Familia, which absorbed much of his creative life. Did you know that he spent 40 years on the Sagrada Familia project? What's even more fascinating is that until his death, only 20% of the basilica was completed.

Explore the Museum Gaudi

The tour includes visiting the Museum Gaudi, located right beneath the basilica. Here, you can find more interesting details about Gaudi’s life and his deep impact on world architecture. Surrounded by fascinating creations visible even on his furniture designs, enjoy this experience to the fullest. You can also visit the crypt where masses are held and Gaudi’s final resting place beneath the church.

Panoramic Views of Barcelona

As a special part of the tour, you can access one of the towers of Sagrada Familia. If you select this option, you'll be greeted by breathtaking panoramic views of Barcelona, making it one of the most memorable parts of your visit.

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Sagrada Familia Tour

Interesting Facts


The Sagrada Família is not only a church but the final resting place of its architect, Antoni Gaudi. After he passed away, they buried his body in a tomb that rests inside the chapel of the Virgen del Carmen.


This quote, once stated by Gaudi, completely aligns with the views you'll witness once inside. On the Nativity side, colors move from yellow to green and deep blue, while on the Passion side, they go from yellow to orange and red. Did you know that each stained glass window features the name of a saint or sanctuary? Take a closer look up and just think about how detailed Gaudi's design was!


The Passion and Nativity facades are memorable and well-known globally. However, one thing left out of the story is the Glory Portal, which will upon completion of Sagrada Familia, become the main entrance. At the moment, you can see the massive bronze doors from the inside which were placed in 2009 with the Lord's Prayer inscribed in Catalan and 49 other languages. Interesting, isn't it?

Good to know before you go

  • This tour is available in English and Spanish.
  • Sagrada Familia guided tour lasts 90 minutes, after which you can go up the tower on your own, which takes an additional 30 minutes.
  • Sagrada Familia regulations state that children under the age of 11 will not receive a headset to listen to the guide.
  • When entering Sagrada Familia, you are not allowed to wear shorts, carry luggage or large bags, or wear sleeveless shirts.
  • You will use an elevator to ascend the tower but have to use stairs to descend from it.
sagrada familia tour barcelona ()

Meeting Point

Meet your guide inside the "Emporio Souvenirs Barcelona" shop on Mallorca Street, 416. Look for our Amigo Tours logo on the shop signage. The guide will have an Amigo Tours sign.

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sagrada familia tour barcelona ()

FAQ – Sagrada Familia Tour

How long does the Sagrada Familia tour take?

The Sagrada Familia tour usually lasts 1.5 to 2 hours. During this time, you can admire the detailed facades and stunning interior and even climb the towers for beautiful views of Barcelona.

Can I enter Sagrada Familia for free?

Seeing the exterior is possible without an entry ticket. To enter inside the basilica, you must purchase a Sagrada Familia ticket or book a guided tour. We highly recommend doing this in advance, as tickets and tours can easily get sold out during peak seasons. Also, a great thing to know is that the income from the ticket sale helps fund the ongoing construction and maintenance.

What is the best way to see Sagrada Familia?

The best way to see Sagrada Familia is through a guided tour. This way, you'll get a deeper understanding of Antoni Gaudi's architectural innovations and the religious symbolism in the building. Also, your guide will answer any questions and uncover you with some interesting facts, such as why Picasso didn’t like Gaudi and his masterpiece, Sagrada Familia.

Can I take photos inside Sagrada Familia?

Yes, you can take photos inside, but keep in mind that flash photography is forbidden. Charge your smartphones and cameras, as the sights you'll witness are simply unmissable!

What else can I do in Barcelona?

Barcelona has a wide range of attractions, activities, and day trips. If you’re a fan of Antoni Gaudi's works, we highly recommend booking Park Guell Tickets and relaxing in a unique ambiance with stunning city views. Other must-visit masterpieces of art and architecture are Casa Batllo or Casa Mila (La Pedrera), which showcase Gaudi's unique style and creativity. If you're looking for a wider range of options, buy a Barcelona City Pass and get access to multiple attractions without the need to purchase individual tickets.

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