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Leave the crowded streets of Barcelona behind and enter the colorful and peaceful area of Park Guell. Known for its unique architecture, this 20th-century park designed by Gaudi is one of Barcelona's most visited attractions. With a skip-the-line ticket, easily reach the Monumental area, the most famous park feature that offers breathtaking views of Barcelona.


Set your own pace and walk into the Monumental zone. Explore the Doric Temple and the Laundry Room Portico, each made up of 86 columns, and reach Nature Square, the central gathering space of the park. Enjoy the ambiance filled with colorful mosaics, known as trencadis, and take beautiful photos from the top.


As one of Barcelona's most popular attractions, Park Guell can get quite crowded. We recommend you to buy this ticket online to skip the long lines and walk right in!


Want to wander around and find out more about Park Guell and Antoni Gaudi's life? Install the audio guide app on your smartphone and learn why only two out of sixty houses were built in the park!


The lizard sculpture, El Drac, meaning 'the dragon,' is one of the park's most famous highlights! Gaudi liked to connect nature and architecture, so you'll be greeted by many similar sights as you discover different park areas.


Don't miss the chance to walk through Austria Gardens. This part of the park is very special because it features trees donated from Austria and hosts two prominent houses. One of them used to belong to Gaudi’s family, and now it's a museum called Gaudí House.

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Park Guell's beauty left us speechless!

We decided to book Park Guell tickets late in the afternoon, and it was a great decision! The park is beautifully decorated, and we brought a picnic to enjoy our time in nature to the fullest. As it was getting late and the crowds were getting smaller, we managed to take perfect photos at Nature Square! I definitely recommend booking this ticket!


Such an inspiring place!

I absolutely loved Antoni Gaudi's colorful and artistic vision, and visiting Park Guell is something really unique! I spent more than three hours roaming around the park, and honestly, I think I could stay there forever. The Hypostyle room was my favorite part, and learning more about it through an audio guide was a great addition!



Park Guell Ticket

Originally designed as a Residential Estate

The story of Park Guell's grand design goes back to the 1900s, when Eusebi Guell, the landowner, intended to build a residential neighborhood based on British models. Building 60 houses hit a rocky start because the neighborhood was far from the center and difficult to reach.

From humble beginnings to world fame

After 14 years of hard work, Gaudi abandoned the construction plan. Unfortunately, only two houses were built, and neither was designed by Gaudi. When Eusebi Guell died in 1918. His property was sold to the Barcelona City Council, which converted it into a public park in 1922. Park Guell finally achieved its well-deserved glory in 1984 when it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Must see in Park Guell

Climb to the Three Crosses, the park's highest peak, at 183 meters above sea level. Pass by the Laundry Room, wander through Austria Gardens, and finally enter the Monumental Zone and Nature Square, where you can see colorful mosaics and two pavilions guarding the entrance. Their twisted roofs and colorful designs remain a great example of Gaudi's unique style. Visit the Hypostyle room, which has 86 columns inspired by the Doric order, and see a recognizable symbol of Barcelona, Park Guell's Lizard. But the most important thing is to take time, relax, and enjoy the park's natural ambiance and artistic value!

Gaudi's house, now a museum

Not included in your ticket, but definitely worth a visit, is the Gaudi House Museum. Although Gaudi didn't design this as part of the park, he lived in this house for several years. Today, it is a museum dedicated to his life and works, displaying furniture and other items he designed.

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Park Guell Tickets

Insider Tips

Online tickets

With our easy and secure booking system, you can enter Park Guell without too much hassle. You don't need to print your ticket, simply show the QR code received via e-mail, and that's it!

Avoid the main entrance

There are three entrances to the Park Guell. With your pre-selected date and time slot, skip long waiting lines and enter the park through side entrances to save valuable time.

Comfortable shoes & sun protection

Park Guell covers a total area of 17 hectares. Keep that in mind before choosing what to wear. Comfortable shoes are definitely a must, and during summer, remember to wear sunscreen.

Don't miss the Viaduct Area

Some local musicians bring their instruments to play because of the great acoustic features. Watch for the Middle Viaduct – it's the best place to catch the action!

Know before you go

  • If your chosen time slot is not available, you may have to adjust it. The new time slot may vary up to 60 minutes.
  • Leave large bags and heavy luggage at home, as there's no storage room at the entrance.
  • With your online ticket, you don't have to enter at the main entrance. Use this opportunity to skip crowds.
  • Don't forget to bring your own headphones and device for the audio guide.
  • Wheelchair users will not be able to access some areas of the park.
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Meeting Point

Park Guell, Gracia, 08024 Barcelona, Spain.

How to get to the Park Guell?

Metro, Green Line (L3), Lesseps Station

You'll have to walk to the entrance for 20 minutes from Lesseps stop on Line 3.

Bus, H6, D40 Lines

You'll have to walk to the entrance for 10 minutes from the Travessera de Dalt bus stop (H6 and D40).

Private Vehicle

The closest car parking spot is the BSM Travessera de Dalt. From there, you'll have to walk to the entrance for 10 minutes.

If you decide to book a Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour, it’s convenient to know that it stops at a ‘Park Guell’ station. You’ll need to walk for 10 minutes to reach the entrance.

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FAQ – Park Guell Ticket

Should you buy tickets in advance for Park Guell?

As one of the most visited attractions in Barcelona, booking tickets online is a must. During the peak season, it's quite common that the crowds get bigger up to the point where they restrict entrance. To avoid this from happening, we suggest you book your tickets on time and time your visit early in the morning to beat the crowds and have a more relaxed exploration!

Can I visit Park Guell without a guide?

Yes, you can visit Park Guell without a tour guide. With the Park Guell Ticket, you'll get access to the audio guide app you can use inside the park. This very informative app will ensure you get all valuable information in a fun and engaging way. Also, prepare well by charging your smartphone, and don't forget your headphones!

How much time should I save for a visit to Park Guell?

Plan to spend at least an hour and a half at Park Guell to fully enjoy all its sections and take in the stunning sights. Many visitors find themselves spending more than two hours, especially if they stop for numerous photos or simply wish to enjoy the scenic overlooks.

What other attractions should I visit after Park Guell?

After visiting Park Guell, we suggest you add the Sagrada Familia Ticket or a guided tour to your list. This basilica is definitely one of the most famous attractions that anyone visiting Barcelona really shouldn't miss! Highlight your stay by going on a Walking Tour through Barcelona's historic neighborhoods or climb to the stunning viewpoint with a Montjuic Cable Car Ticket. We're sure you won't be disappointed with so much to see and do.

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