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About Parc Guell tickets

Start your journey at the enchanting Park Guell with your exclusive timed admission ticket. Step into the extraordinary heaven designed by the world-famous Antoni Gaudí. You’ll be captivated by the vibrant colors and breathtaking mosaic artistry, leaving the kaleidoscope vibe. Marvel at the iconic Dragon Stairway, a beautiful Hypostyle Room, and explore a serene oasis in the Nature Square.


Park Guell tickets

Leave behind the hustle and bustle of city life as you wander through the serene ambiance of Park Guell. Don’t forget to get your camera ready and fully charged because what awaits you is worth capturing forever. Get to the picturesque viewing points that offer unparalleled views of Barcelona, and provide a perfect scenario for your stunning photographs.

Discover the rich history of Park Güell, where visionary entrepreneur Eusebi Güell trusted Gaudi to recreate a British residential park. Initially, the idea was to construct a garden city with stunning houses, lodges, a school, a market, and a church. But unfortunately, the project was not as successful, and only two out of 60 houses were built. The first one is the Casa Larrard for Eusebi Güell, and the second one is a watch house bought by Gaudí.

Since opening as a municipal park in 1926, it has become an artistic marvel. Park Guell was officially recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984.

Embrace the freedom to explore Park Guell’s modernist architecture at your own pace. You can pick among various viewpoints within the park and marvel at the breathtaking panoramic views. It’s easy to see even the majestic Sagrada Familia from Park Guell, as well as the Mediterranean blue hues in the background.

Lose yourself in its architectural wonders, colorful ceramic tiles, and Mediterranean flora. Soak in the fascinating blend of nature and art, and create long-lasting memories!

  • Admission to the Park Güell Monumental Zone
  • Free admission to the Casa del Guarda (although, due to limited space, it cannot be guaranteed you will be able to enter)
  • Free audio guide app on your smartphone
  • Booking fee
X not included
  • Admission to the Gaudí House Museum
  • A live tour guide
  • Headphones and device for the audio guide
important information
  • Park Guell is wheelchair accessible
  • The audio guide included is available in Spanish, Catalan, English, and French
  • The audio guide comes in the form of a downloadable app
  • Bring your smartphone and headphones
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Meeting Point

Please go to the entrance of the park. Park Güell can also be reached via the Vallcarca or Lesseps Metro Stations metro. It can take up to 20 minutes to walk uphill to reach the closest entrance from the metro stations on Carrer d’Olot and Sant Josep de la Muntanya Street.

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Discover a captivating blend of art and nature. Let the colorful mosaics transport you to a world of imagination!


Lose yourself in architectural wonders, colorful ceramic tiles, and the Mediterranean vegetation of this UNESCO World Heritage site.


Marvel at the breathtaking views of Barcelona from the top of the Parc Guell.


Instead of printing a voucher and queuing, simply show your mobile voucher to enter the park.


Explore Park Güell at your own pace and enjoy seamless access to its wonders.

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FAQ – Park Guell Tickets

Can I go to Park Guell without tickets?

Since October 2013, Park Güell has implemented a ticketing system to manage the growing number of visitors and preserve the park’s unique environment. As a result, purchasing a ticket to access the park’s main areas is necessary. These timed admission tickets were introduced to ensure a controlled and enjoyable experience for all visitors.

What’s the best time to visit Park Güell?

The best time to visit Park Güell is early in the morning or late in the afternoon. During these times, the park is usually less crowded, allowing you to enjoy a more serene and peaceful experience. If you choose these quieter hours, you can fully immerse yourself in the park’s charm and capture memorable moments without the hustle and bustle.

How long do I need at Park Guell?

The time you decide to spend at Park Güell is flexible and depends on your preferences. Whether you follow a guided visit or explore at your own pace, there’s plenty to discover and enjoy at Park Güell. The average time spent is around 2 hours. That’s enough for you to stroll around and take some memorable photos.

Can you buy tickets to Parc Guell at the gate?

The park has implemented a ticketing system, and because of its popularity, it’s necessary to purchase tickets in advance. We recommend you buy your tickets online to ensure you have your desired time slot for entry.

Why is Antoni Gaudi famous?

Antoni Gaudi is most famous for his architectural designs spread around Barcelona, becoming its iconic symbols. One of his most renowned projects is Sagrada Família. Unfortunately, this monumental basilica remains unfinished but showcases Gaudí’s visionary brilliance. Other brilliant designs include Casa Batlló, Casa Milà, and of course, Park Guell. His architectural designs showcase a distinctive blend of nature, vibrant colors, and intricate detailing.
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Know before you go

  • If your chosen time slot is unavailable, you will be assigned a new time within an hour of your original choice.
  • Prepare to walk a lot and wear comfortable shoes and clothes.
  • Leave your luggage at home, as no lockers are available at Park Guell.
  • If you booked your ticket online, avoid entering from the main entrance as it’s more crowded.
  • People with mobility issues and wheelchair users cannot access all park areas.
  • The Plaça de la Natura (Greek Theater) and the Hypostyle Hall are partially closed due to renovation works.
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Don’t miss out!

We had a booking later in the day, around 6:30pm and we’re glad we did as people were being turned away as tickets were sold out. Great experience with fabulous views. It is busy in the prime spot and main entrance, but most people move on swiftly so you can get a fantastic view. Tickets are very easy to use, and make sure you buy them in advance!


Park Güell is amazing!

Everyone should go to Park Güell if they want art inspiration. When I went inside, I was amazed by Gaudi’s colorful and lively creations. The structures in the park feel like they have their own life. It changed how I thought about design as someone interested in architecture and gave me a new sense of creativity and freedom!


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