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Book your Casa Batllo ticket and discover why it is known as a masterpiece of modernist architecture. Designed by Antoni Gaudi, this unique building blends art and functionality in a way never done before! The vivid organic shapes, dragon-like roof, and digital experience will uncover why this site was chosen as the "World's Best Monument of 2021!"


Casa Batllo was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005 within the Works of Gaudi, increasing its overall value and significance to global cultural heritage.


Climb to the top and see the colorful Dragon Back design, wavy chimneys, and sculptural elements typical for Gaudi’s style. Take your time and enjoy the panoramic views of Barcelona!


Experience a 360-degree visual journey in a 3D room with six LED screens. As the door closes, watch Casa Batllo and Gaudi's sketches come alive on every wall, floor, and ceiling. This installation invites you into Antoni Gaudi's mind - a mind that never stopped thinking and creating!


With an audio guide, learn how Antoni Gaudi incorporated an efficient airflow system through the interior spaces and made the light transition equal on all floors.


Choose a silver ticket to enter Gaudi Dome, the original Concierge Room, and use a virtual reality tablet. For the full experience, book a golden ticket, which adds access to Lord Batllo's bedrooms and grants you a FAST PASS ENTRANCE!

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Great family experience at Casa Batllo!

As an architect myself, I was amazed by Casa Batllo's innovative design. Listening to an audio guide was definitely a bonus, helping me better understand the details I was looking at and their deeper meaning. My wife's favorite was the balcony photo stop, and my daughter loved the Gaudi Cube room! Overall, it was great for the whole family!


Loved the audio and tablet!

I purchased the all-inclusive ticket and it was definitely worth it! Visiting all the rooms of Casa Batllo and walking with the virtual reality description on a tablet gave me a new level of understanding! The ticket price was not much different, so I would suggest you go with fast entry and a complete visit. By the way, off-season traveling is the best, keep that in mind when booking!



Casa Batllo Ticket

Enter the world of imagination, art, and sustainable design at Casa Batllo.


The building was commissioned by the textile industrialist Josep Batllo and conducted in 1877 by Emilio Sala Cortes. Back in 1904, this classic-style building was given up for renovation. This mission was passed on to Gaudi, who had full creative freedom to reimagine the structure in his unique style. Completed in 1906, Casa Batllo stands out with its vivid, organic-like facade, interior, and rooftop.


For many years, the building went unnoticed and neglected, which led to its gradual deterioration. However, in 1994., the shift in the estate's purpose marked the beginning of a restoration process that took years to complete. Casa Batllo was opened to the public as a museum in 2002 and finally gained significant recognition by UNESCO in 2005.


Often referred to as the "House of the Dragon" or "House of Bones," it represents the legend of Saint George, Catalonia's patron saint. The roof is shaped like the back of a dragon, and a turret and cross symbolize the sword of Saint George, which, according to the legend, was plunged into the dragon's back.


Explore new features where modern technology meets the brilliance of Antoni Gaudi's designs.

Gaudi Cube

Your admission ticket includes the first 6-sided LED cube in the world, designed by the artist Refik Anadol. Get “in the mind of Gaudi” and understand the forms of nature as he did. This incredible experience will leave you speechless.

Gaudi Dome

Don't miss an opportunity to see audiovisual sensations created by artist Miguel Alonso, which include a rotating platform where visitors can look up at the dome. The display focuses on Gaudí's creative origins, showing images from his childhood and the inspirations he drew from nature.

Virtual Reality Tablet

Learn more about Gaudi’s creative universe with an optional VR/AR tablet. This innovative tool allows you to see the idea behind Gaudi's designs. As you wander around, see the patterns and shapes that inspired Gaudi come to life.

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Explore the imaginative world of Gaudi with an audio guide available in 14 languages.

Casa Batllo Tickets

Interesting Facts


Gaudi's philosophy is that nature doesn't use straight lines, and that's why Casa Batllo has almost none. Both the exterior and interior of the building are characterized by curved walls and flowing forms.


Emilio Sala Cortés designed the building in 1877, but this information is special because Gaudi was once his student! It is fascinating to see how the building has changed from a classic structure to a new symbol of modernism.


Thanks to its newly added '10D Experience,' Casa Batllo was recognized as the best monument in the world at the Remarkable Venue Awards 2021, beating the Tower of London, the Duomo of Milan, and the Empire State Building.


Following the latest Casa Batllo renovation, Japanese architect Kengo Kuma created a unique staircase that spans over 2000 square meters.


Did you know you can take photos on one of Casa Batllo's balconies? This option comes with an additional fee payable on the spot. Don't miss it!

Explore the interior of Casa Batllo

Inside Casa Batllo, you can explore a world of exquisite artwork and architecture across several floors, each detailed with Gaudi's touch:

The Entrance Hall: Once you enter the building, you will first see Batllo's family's private hall. It is designed in a unique style that is mostly linked to the world of Jules Verne with its underwater symbolism.

The Noble Floor: The Noble Floor was the residence of the Batllo family and served as the main suite in the building. You'll see a mushroom-shaped fireplace in Mr Batllo’s study room and a lively Paseo de Gracia from the living room windows. Don't miss the small oasis in the back courtyard. This peaceful retreat is decorated with interesting tiles and flower pots, making it a perfect photo spot.

The Loft: This is the simplest part of the house, originally used as a service area. Simple white walls and arches contrast with the rest of the building. Crack open one of the doors and see how, back in that time, servants ironed clothes.

The Roof Terrace: This beautifully decorated roof gives you a close view of the so-called "dragon back" and the magnificent views over Barcelona. This colorful oasis is often used for open concerts and shows.

Private residence: Pick the all-inclusive ticket option and enter the Batllo family private rooms. These rooms will take you back to the beginning of the 20th century with the modernist furniture design.

Good to know before you go

  • If needed, luggage and strollers can be stored in a checkroom.
  • You can book several ticket options, find one that suits you best.
  • We recommend wearing comfortable shoes as there are many steps within Casa Batllo.
  • Pets can enter the site if you get approval from the working staff.
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Meeting Point

Casa Batllo is located at Passeig de Gracia, 43.

How to get to Casa Batllo?

Casa Batllo's central location allows you to explore it without wasting too much time on transport. The metro station, Passeig de Gracia, and the bus and tram stations are right outside Casa Batllo. If you like walking, you'll need a little more than 10 minutes to get to Casa Batllo from Placa de Catalunya on one side or Casa Mila on the other.

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FAQ – Casa Batllo Ticket

What is the 10D Experience at Casa Batllo?

The 10D Experience at Casa Batllo offers a journey through virtual reality projections. You'll get a glimpse into Antoni Gaudi's mind and better understand the inspiration behind his designs. This blend of historical authenticity and new-age technology is an unmissable point of the visit.

Is there a best time of day to visit Casa Batllo?

Visiting Casa Batllo early in the morning is probably best to avoid crowds and enjoy the natural light playing on the facade's colorful glass and ceramic tiles. There are fewer crowds at this time of the day, offering a more intimate experience.

What is the cultural significance of Casa Batllo?

Casa Batllo is an architectural and cultural icon of Barcelona. It represents the peak of modernism and reflects the social and artistic movements of the early 20th century in Catalonia. The restoration and public opening have made it one of the most popular attractions in Barcelona.

Is the entry to Casa Batllo free for children?

General admission tickets are free for children up to 12. However, if you wish to see additional rooms and sights not included in a regular entry ticket, you'll have to make a purchase.

How much time do I need to explore Casa Batllo fully?

People tend to spend anywhere between 1 and 1.5 hours inside Casa Batllo. Depending on the selected ticket option and your interest, you can take more time roaming around and seeing all the details.

Are there other Gaudi works near Casa Batllo?

Yes, a few must-visit sites are located nearby. The shortest walk from Casa Batllo is Casa Mila, also known as La Pedrera. Booking Casa Mila Tickets provides an in-depth look at another of Gaudi's architectural innovations, highlighting a rooftop filled with uniquely designed chimneys. Further, you can book Casa Vicens Tickets, and explore Gaudi's first major project showcasing his early architectural style. However, your Barcelona visit would not be complete without the Sagrada Familia Guided Tour, so make sure you don't miss it!

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