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Where to buy Barcelona Attraction tickets?

To make your visit to Barcelona completely enjoyable, we highly recommend booking your tickets online and in advance. You can also buy tickets individually at the ticket office of each attraction you want to visit, but this may result in facing long lines, and in some cases, the tickets may get sold out for the day.

By booking your tickets online, you will benefit from a skip the line access to Barcelona’s top attractions. This means you can have more free time for city sightseeing. Also, planning your experience in Barcelona is much easier when your tickets are secured beforehand.

We found the best-value ticket deals for Barcelona’s attractions!

Explore Barcelona City and its exciting attractions at your own pace by purchasing tickets online and securing your spot. We did all the hard work and hand-picked the best-value choices for popular attractions in Barcelona. Check out our curated selection and decide what ticket is the perfect one for you. Simply click the book now button, and you’re all set. It’s a super easy and fast booking process!

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How to choose the best ticket for you?

We are aware of the overwhelming nature of trip planning, especially when it comes to deciding which attractions to visit and when. That’s why we’ve made it easier for you by curating a list of Barcelona’s top attractions and finding the best online deals available.

Look at our hand-picked selection and choose the ones that interest you the most. By booking your tickets as soon as possible, you’ll secure your spot and ensure a seamless experience during your trip. One of the benefits of booking through our platform is that many of our tickets offer the convenience of reserving now and paying later. This gives you the freedom to plan your trip with ease.


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Hand-picked Barcelona attraction tickets!

We’ve found the best Barcelona attraction tickets available online, and the best part is that they include free fast track access to Barcelona’s top attractions! We made a list and put them all in one place to help you save time while planning and exploring the beautiful city of Barcelona!

Discover the distinctive and innovative architectural style of Antoni Gaudi, a renowned Catalan architect!

Explore the stunning landmarks across Barcelona and indulge in the imaginative architectural approach of Antoni Gaudi. One of the most influential figures in the history of modern architecture, characterized by organic shapes, intricate details, and a deep connection with nature. Gaudi’s unique architectural style became a symbol of Barcelona.

Indulge in unique experiences!

Enjoy an adrenaline-filled adventure in one of the most popular themed parks in the world and get your blood pumping on thrilling rides. Discover diverse animal collections from all around the world as you stroll through the Barcelona Zoo.

Immerse yourself in the stunning artwork!

Discover an extensive collection of artworks by the renowned Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso, learn about his artistic development over the years, and observe contemporary art at the Moco Museum.

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Get more out of your time in Barcelona!

Take your visit to Barcelona to a higher level. Indulge in a guided walking tour, and learn the Catalan culture as you stroll through the city. Discover magnificent architectural works across Barcelona on the ultimate Gaudi tour. Learn more about La Sagrada Familia and La Pedrera as you get awe-struck by the unique architectural style adorning Barcelona city. Explore the city at your own pace with a Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour, or spend a day discovering other parts of beautiful Spain with excellent day trips.

Learn everything you need to know before visiting Barcelona!

Explore our ultimate guide for visiting Barcelona. Learn all of the important information and useful tips before visiting Barcelona and prepare for the experience of a lifetime.

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FAQ – Barcelona Attraction Tickets

What is a Barcelona pass?

Barcelona Pass offers visitors access to a wide range of attractions and experiences in Barcelona. Depending on the pass option selected upon booking, the included attractions may vary, but most passes provide access to the iconic sites that Barcelona is renowned for. Immerse yourself in the most famous attractions that symbolize the city of Barcelona and visit the Sagrada Familia and Park Guell. Enjoy the city sightseeing with a Hop On Hop Off Bus Barcelona, and benefit from Hola Barcelona, a public transport card.

How to save money on Barcelona attractions?

Visiting Barcelona during the off-peak season is a definite guarantee to save money as the city is less crowded and prices get more affordable. Explore the attractions you’d like to visit and book them online to ensure the best-value tickets. Joining a walking tour is a great way to learn the history and culture of Barcelona in the most affordable way, and some tours even include free entrance to the attractions. Consider purchasing Barcelona Pass, which includes free entry to popular attractions and additional discounts on various activities during your visit. Benefit from Hola Barcelona, which provides unlimited access to public transportation in Barcelona.

Do I need to purchase tickets to Barcelona attractions in advance?

It’s highly recommended to book your tickets online and in advance for the Barcelona attractions, especially if you’re planning to visit popular sites during the peak season. By booking the ticket online, you benefit with skip the line access to famous landmarks. You can also take advantage of the special offers as some attractions occasionally offer discounted rates for online bookings. The best part of booking your tickets online is that you can plan your trip stress-free and completely indulge in the experience.

Will I need cash in Barcelona?

While most places in Barcelona accept credit and debit cards, carrying some cash with you for certain situations is still advisable. For example, small local markets and food stalls may only accept cash payments. Moreover, if you attend local festivals or encounter street performers during your visit, having euros will make it easier for you to contribute and support these unique experiences. Similarly, cash is often preferred if you wish to tip your server at a restaurant or café, allowing you to show your appreciation more directly. Additionally, having cash can be helpful when purchasing a single ticket from a bus ticket machine or directly from bus drivers. While some transportation options in Barcelona accept card payments, having cash as a backup for these situations is always convenient.

What is the number one attraction in Barcelona?

Barcelona has several magnificent attractions, making it difficult to single out one as the number one attraction. However, among many stunning landmarks, the Sagrada Familia stands out as an iconic masterpiece. The basilica was designed by the world-known Antoni Gaudi, an architect that has contributed to the unique look of Barcelona and is known for its distinctive architectural style that became a symbol of Barcelona. One of Barcelona’s top attractions, the Sagrada Familia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and its astonishing beauty and cultural significance make it a must-visit attraction in Barcelona!

Have an experience of a lifetime and discover Barcelona to the fullest!

Indulge in a guided walking tour and learn the rich history and architecture of Barcelona. Discover Camp Nou, the home of FC Barcelona, and learn how to cook Catalan food. Explore the city with the ultimate Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour and visit the Sagrada Familia and Park Guell.